Fourteen Koreans who entered Vietnam on the 19th of last month through a vaccine track organized by the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry boarded a bus bound for Hanoi on the 2nd after two weeks of quarantine at a hotel near Quang Ninh Province.

The vaccine track is a special entry process that shortens the four-week quarantine period to two weeks for Korean companies that have completed the COVID-19 vaccination, and was the first vaccine track achieved by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry managed by Chairman Choi Tae-won himself.

At that time, the Vietnamese public security stopped the bus passing through the checkpoint and demanded a permit to enter Hanoi.

As a result, those who entered the country with a vaccine track completed quarantine for two weeks, and they asked the public security for permission to move, saying they had not received any other documents.

However, the public security refused to pass the checkpoint for about nine hours, saying it had not received any information, and the consul of the Korean Embassy in Vietnam later allowed the movement around 2 a.m. after arriving at the scene.

While waiting on the bus, I didn't receive any meals or support, and I was only able to get off for a while if I used a nearby simple toilet.

An official at the South Korean Embassy in Vietnam said he tried to contact the public security by phone after receiving a request for cooperation from the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry at around 8 p.m. on the same day, but had to visit the site in person due to poor cooperation.

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