Two years later, the Japanese government decided to drill undersea tunnels into the sea 1km away from the Fukushima nuclear power plant and release them, and the South Korean government urged the discharge plan to be stopped immediately.

Fishermen in Japan are protesting against Prime Minister Suga's decision, but the Japanese government has mentioned that it will raise funds to purchase seafood and support market development.

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기금을 만들어 매입한 수산물을 판로 개척해서 팔겠다는 건 역시 한국에 팔겠다는걸까요?
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NEWS Polluted water from Japan's nuclear power plant will be ... 1 REPLY

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NEWS 코로나 감염 임산부, 병원에서 거절 당해 아기 사망

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NEWS 아베, 대만 국제적 지위 지지, 일본 지원 피력

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NEWS 일본 하루 신규 확진자 2만명 돌파

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